John Montgomery
Aspiring IT Support Professional

Neil and I connected first on my path to getting into IT. His experience, commitment to continuous learning and passion for helping others is what inspired me to have him as a mentor. You don’t get 3 degrees and MULTIPLE certifications from sitting around. I am looking forward to learning and growing with your assistance, Neil! 

John was a client of P. Neil at Veterati

Kendrick Som
Sr. Network Engineer at Oracle

Most do their duty and leave it all when the clock ticks down to check out time. That’s hardly an accurate description of Mr. Borne whom I had the pleasure and honor of serving under him in his short stint as an network operations manager at Oracle. It could be the Marine mentality, hard-edged and with no room for nonsense, and a loyally that can only be tempered by years of service but it’s hard not to have noticed his dedication to his team and his willingness to take the on the brunt of the daily attacks that are typical in an operations environment. But beyond that, his genuine desire to make sure everyone was sound in mind and spirit, even after the days battle had been waged, defined him as not only as a leader and a true friend. Neil’s strengths lies in his ability to motivate others not through his tenacity to go above and beyond the need-to-do, but his gung-ho spirit which empower those he leads to step up and make a difference. It’s difficult to find persons whom you can relate to on not only a professional level but on a personal one and be absolutely willing to drop whatever it is you’re doing at that moment to jump on a call to help him just because he’s done so much for you in the past. Loyalty begets loyalty. His presence is sorely missed but his impact is still felt within our team. This man needs no affirmations from any one person, but it’s not to say he doesn’t deserve them. 

Kendrick reported directly to P. Neil at Oracle

Timothy Brown
Enterprise Architect at HMS

I had the pleasure of working with Neil for 5 years during my tenure at TWC. Neil managed through some very difficult circumstances with aggressive timelines and very complex technical challenges, and he did it with energy and 100% reliability. Neil is a lifelong learner who is eager to develop new skills and is constantly looking for ways to improve both his own performance and that of his team. He is an excellent people leader that takes the time to encourage and coach his reports, as opposed to simply driving them on to the next task.

Timothy managed P. Neil at Time Warner Cable

Julie Redmon
Sr. Firewall Engineer

I first worked with Neil prior to him becoming a manager originally and he was refreshing to work with. He knew his gear, his network, and how to help us at the corporate firewall team solve any connectivity issue. Many of the independent divisions were not near as well staffed with folks as knowledgeable as he was. When he was promoted he instilled teamwork and detail into his team and things ran well from our perspective.

He was always professional, organized, and intelligent and the larger market he became responsible for immediately improved it’s network design and functionality. This was much needed and I’ll always appreciate the fact that he was so helpful, knowledgeable, and a real pleasure to work with.

I think any company would do well to have a professional and a team player like Neil on their team.

Julie worked with P. Neil at Time Warner Cable

Hollis Frederick
Network Engineer at Charter Communications

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Neil Borne. I highly recommend him as a candidate for employment with any company
I have known Neil for approximately 2 years when he became my manager in the IT Network engineering department. During that time, he has shown commitment, knowledge and innovation in his field. His exemplary management technique coupled with technical skills received respect and promoted synergy within his team.

In short, I recommend Neil enthusiastically and without reservation. I believe he would be a valuable asset to your company.

Hollis reported to P. Neil at Time Warner Cable

Kenneth Miles
Commercial Optical Services Lead

I had the pleasure of working with on several occasions. I have nothing but good things to say about his dedication to detail and determination in making sure any task that was asked of him or his team was completed. His professionalism and leaderships skills are proven in the quality of services he provided to other departments and the knowledge of his team. I was very impressed that Neil would take the time to not just fix an issue but explain and educate in the process.

Kenneth worked with P. Neil at Time Warner Cable

Ashley Kelly
Telephony Transport Engineer at Time Warner Cable

I had the pleasure of working with Neil for almost 2 years on many projects. During that time, I have come to know Neil as a dedicated, technical, and very resourceful Network Manager. He would always go above and beyond to accomplish a project. He would pull everyone together as a team to ensure the completion of projects. Neil’s networking knowledge and experience was evident when troubleshooting and with project planning. Also, he was constantly looking for opportunities to learn new things (Avaya Communications Manager, PBX configurations, and Telephony infrastructure – to name a few) as well as improving his technical knowledge base with an ongoing education and certifications. In my opinion, Neil would be an asset to any network/technical team and I would work with him again, provided the opportunity.

Ashley worked with P. Neil at Time Warner Cable

Thanh Quach
Sr. Network Engineer at Telmar NT

I had had a great pleasure and privilege of working under Neil for the past 4+ years. I’ve always respected for his dedication, disciplined and his strong leadership style. Neil is very open-minded that he would listen to ideas and suggestions and weighs them in the decision making process. He is the one that we can always go to for advice and solutions.

Thanh reported to P. Neil at Time Warner Cable

Michael Dickinson
Network Engineer – Central Texas Division at Time Warner Cable

I have worked with Neil for over 4 years on many projects. During that time I have come to know Neil as a reliable, dedicated, technical and detailed-oriented network manager. His in-depth understanding,experience, and detailed orientation in networking was evident on all project meetings as he was able to provide answers and explanations to all questions in terms that all in attendance could understand. In addition, Neil is also looking to constantly improve his technical knowledge and skills by working towards a degree and technical certifications.
In conclusion, I feel Neil would make an outstanding addition to any technical team and I would gladly work with him again given the opportunity.

Michael worked with P. Neil at Time Warner Cable

Cynthia Chang
Network Architect – Hosting Network Architecture and Design at The Walt Disney Company

Neil is a dedicated hard-working and disciplined manager. He was always there early and working late to support the PacWest and Texas time zones making sure everything was taken care of. He always kept his network neat and organized and spent the dollars he was given wisely.

Cynthia reported to P. Neil at Time Warner Cable

Edward Manning
Sr. Firewall Engineer at Time Warner Cable

Neil was a great person to work with. He was very dedicated and always had a positive attitude.He was willing to help anyone at any time.

Edward worked directly with P. Neil at Time Warner Cable

Richard Holzberg
Change Control Manager at Time Warner Cable

Optimistic and tenacious technology leader, Builder of Teams that move mountains, Influencer of Positive Change
Neil is a strong leader empowering his staff to exceed expectations while creating a culture where teams can shine. Neil is a shining example of a professional in all that he does. What separates Neil from the pack is his ability to be strategic leader while diving into the technical details. Representing the Network Infrastructure team during our Change Advisory Board meetings Neil was comfortable explaining technical information in layman’s terms for non-technical participants to grasp. Consistently providing relevant and solid information highlighting the risk and impact of his work effort made a huge impact for our cross functional teams. His successful results are certainly proven and Neil will be a huge asset to any organization requiring a top notch technologist and leader.

Richard worked with P. Neil at Time Warner Cable

Dave O’Rourke
Director – Global Corporate IT at

Neil’s attention to detail and ability to fix sites with a “first time fix” was Neil’s true asset.Neal had a strong drive to do it right the 1st time. Neil’s personality and customer service skills allowed Neil to work with many different technical levels of the Trillion Customer base. I would hire Neil back without a doubt.

Dave managed P. Neil indirectly at Trillion Partners

Clyde Dardar
CEO – LA Networx, LLC

I worked with Neil for several years and he is a highly focused individual who gets outstanding results. He expertly manages competing demands on his time and remains focused on key objectives. In addition, he consistently comes up with newer, more efficient ways to complete his work. Neil is acutely aware of changing circumstances and handles them quickly and..

Clyde managed P. Neil at Global Data Systems

Sarmiento Starlyn
Sr. Field Technician at Time Warner Cable

Neil is a person that is professional and has great work ethics. In the short amount of time that I have known him all I can say is, WOW! He is a great mentor, network administrator, he pays attention to detail. If I had a company, I would definitely hire Neil. He is very knowledgeable and is always learning to try to get ahead of the new technology that is out there.

Sarmiento worked indirectly for P. Neil at Time Warner Cable

Brandon Chenault
Senior Strategic Account Manager at Spectrum Business Enterprise Solutions

Neil and I have been acquainted for several years through his tenure at Time Warner Cable. He never failed to display a can-do attitude in any project that we discussed him working on. His ability to assess current networks, and plan — then execute projects to optimize their efficiency.

I had the opportunity to work with him, as a Project Manager to assist with the delivery of infrastructure services. He consistently displays the ability to juggle multiple projects simultaneously while still maintining an open mind to remain flexible to delays or issues and adjust accordingly.

His style of management matches his own behavior. He is a self starter and able to stay on task regardless of the scenario, without need for constant followup by his superiors. He displays this same trait with his direct reports. He commands respect by recognizing their strengths and building trust, making for a very successful and productive team environment.

Neil was well-liked and respected amongst his peers at Time Warner. His contributions to the company, as well as his positive influence on all around him are a patent statement of his legacy. He will be sorely missed for both, however consider him to be a stand out contributor to whatever endeavor he pursues.

Brandon worked with P. Neil at Time Warner Cable